Propane in Angier NC

The Propane Store, LLC offers automatic delivery, budget-based plans, pre-buy options and more in Angier, NC. Call 919-249-5377.

Propane Delivery & Purchase Options

We offer several different propane delivery and purchase options, so no matter what your propane needs in Angier, NC and surrounding areas are, we’ll always be able to provide our top notch services for you!

Automatic Propane Delivery

Using our own in-house software, The Propane Store will track and monitor your gas usage. When you use automatic propane delivery, you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of propane with plenty left to spare. Talk about hassle-free convenience! Our customers love this program, since it takes the burden of keeping track of their usage off of them. Leave it to us – we’ll make sure you’re always in good supply!

Will Call

This program is best for low-usage customers. With this program, you keep track of your own usage and call only when you need a delivery. If you own your own propane cylinders and have gas logs or a gas oven/stove, we recommend this program.

Budget Based

With this program, you will pay a set price per month, throughout the year. This spreads out payments for those high usage months, so you won’t have to worry about bigger bills in the winter. This ensures that your tanks maintain a “keep full” status in the coldest months.

Propane Cylinder


For customers that prefer to purchase their propane in bulk, we offer pre-buy contracts. With this program, The Propane Store works with you to come to an agreement on a set price, and the number of gallons you will be purchasing for your propane cylinders. Once we come to an agreement, you’ll pay a fixed price for the gallons you purchase that year, even if the price of propane happens to fluctuate that year. The price of propane tends to fluctuate frequently, so this agreement protects you if you choose to buy in bulk.

Payment Options

We currently accept all major credit cards, cash, wire transfers and checks. We also provide the option of paying online via email.